Sunday, April 1, 2012

Death Valley, Day #6 (January 7, 2012)

Woke up, had Jetboil in the tent ready to go, wondered why we didn't do this earlier, coffee and oatmeal in our sleeping bags.

Hiked up to the peak of White Top Mountain several yards away from the campsite, funny joshua trees, weather/plate tectonic station, saw sunrise, hiked back, Mabel and Dave petted joshua tree.

Broke down camp, tried to hike to Rest spring, tricked by wrong trailhead, found right trailhead, found water in desert for first time! pool of water in small cave verified by throwing small stone in.

Grandstand parking lot, hiked up to Ubehebe Peak - 36 switchbacks, saddle, hiked around nameless peak from north face to west side, saddle, formidable Ubehebe peak.

Challenging, dangerous hike, Mabel had meltdown, Dave helped her get through it, spectacular views of 2 valleys, never had views like this before, triumphant pictures.

Mabel anxious about hike down, somehow survived, got a little lost on nameless peak and had to hike over boulders, knees really hurt down switchbacks, grateful, v. grateful to be back at car and alive, abandoned side trip to copper mines, will save for another day.

Two hour drive back to furnace creek, saw desert rabbit in campsite, desert storm! big tent half collapsed, sand all over inside, unseasonably warm, strong winds, broke down big tent, set up small tent, cooked dinner in veranda because of sand, campfire a bust, little tent strong and secure. For dinner, pasta with 3 cheese, pepper, trader joe's parmesan, and dab of olive oil, delicious.

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