Sunday, April 1, 2012

Death Valley, Day #7

Skipped breakfast, back to trailhead of Ashford Canyon but this time to Scotty's canyon. Longer hike than expected to canyon mouth. Mildly interesting, somewhat monotonous hike until we reached Scotty's holdout! Dripping water near grotto - v. cool. Hiked around grotto

Found some running water!

Saw 2nd grotto guarded by v. large, mean mesquite tree/bush also blocking way to small fall and chockstone, dave wanted to bushwach through, mabel wouldn't allow. Had lunch, some leftover pasta, stayed v. quiet hoping animals would come by bubbling spring, but none did, suspected birds were alerting other animals. The only wildlife we saw were ants and a lizard.

Hiked back down, triumphant.

Took west side road then warm spring road. Saw talc mine, then large pit of Warm Spring Mine. Saw really cool large more modern mine blocked by grate.

Warm Spring Camp - creepy, empty buildings, picnic table with warm ashes! sign in book showed couple had stayed there the night before. Swimming pool. Large stream, verdant, lush greenery.

Hiked in back of camp, one spring from cliff, bubbling, amazing, 2nd spring also seeping from cliff but with large pool and veritable stream emerging, pipes, amazing!!!

Saw tumbleweed on the drive back.

Eerie moon.

Pasta with curry for dinner. Firewood steaming (too green), campfire from burning fire starters.

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