Friday, August 10, 2012

Rocky Mountains Day 1: August 1, 2012

We didn’t start packing until 11 pm the night before our 7 am flight. Dave got back from work at about 10 pm; I had been studying for the oral boards, got tired, and started watching video clips of the women’s gymnastics events until he came home. We basically pulled an all-nighter packing; luckily, nothing essential was forgotten with the one exception of Dave’s fleece. We made it to LGA. Snow globes, it turns out, are now banned.

United was a mess, but we got on our plane without too much fuss. We got to the Mile-High City (5280 feet), shopped for perishables, camping chairs, and fleeces, and headed to Estes Park (7522 feet). We took it easy, went to the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center where Mabel got her National Park cancellation stamp (yeah!!). We went to the Backcountry Office to pick up our permit for camping - it was a longer walk to the office from the center than we expected, making it seem like the office itself was in the backcountry. First meal of vacation – always a steak, and here, cooked perfectly with perfect grill marks.

We turned into our little KOA cabin and slept well. 

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