Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rocky Mountains, Day 11: August 11: 2012

We all woke up and caught up with coffee in the backyard. It was still really surreal that the three of us were all together!

We headed to Lucille’s for a creole brunch. There was a little bit of a wait, but it was fun watching Calder play in the grass next to the restaurant.

We had beignets covered with powdered sugar (delicious!), biscuits with homemade jam (yum!), and then creole-inspired breakfasts.

Mabel and Fleurise had the Eggs Rockefeller, which had fried oysters. Amazing! Fleurise and Chris had Bloody Marys, which were really good and came with toothpicks spiked with a shrimp and an okra. We rolled out of the restaurant and rested back at home for a while. Chris’ parents came over to babysit Calder and we went on a brewery tour. Our stops were Renegade,

 Great Divide,

and Strange.

It was super fun going to the different breweries and tasting the different kinds of beers. Mabel learned that she really loves bitter IPAs and the flavor of hops as well as stouts. It was amazing to taste flavors like coffee, vanilla, and cherry in the beers. At Great Divide we sat down outside with 2 guys from out of town; Fleurise chatted them up as we munched on tacos and bahn mi from a nearby truck. We touched base at home and then headed back out for dinner at the Cherry Creek Grill, where David got his Colorado trout and Fleurise got her steak. We had a fun desert of banana cream pie and tres leches cake. We again rolled back home and chatted late into the night.

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