Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rocky Mountains, Day 12: August 12, 2012

Mabel and Shelli took Fleurise to the airport early in the morning. Chris and Shelli made David and Mabel a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs with swiss chard and their awesome home roasted coffee. I felt pretty sad about driving off after such a fun weekend. We got to Kenosha Pass in about an hour but then frustratingly passed it about 5 times over 2 hours because:

1) We drove past it accidentally looking for the campsite.
2) We back over it to have lunch at Al’s Pits in Grant (town before the pass)
3) Decided to get gas at Jefferson (town after pass)
4) Realized Mabel forgot her purse at Al’s and went back to get it
5) Came back to campsite. Ugh. I guess this technically doesn’t count as going over it a 5th time, but we were tired of crossing the pass!

Lunch at Al's felt pretty random.

There was a funny little park beyond the BBQ pit that Al and his wife had set up. We sat at a picnic table next to a nice creek.

Al and his wife recycled cans. Mabel used the can crusher for the first time.

Being Sunday night, Kenosha Pass campground felt pretty empty. We sat around for a bit.

The water supply was via hand pump.

We did a short hike on the Colorado Trail where we found a vista of the landscape beyond the pass.

The pass was beautiful. We could see what Walt Whitman meant:
I jot these lines literally at Kenosha summit, where we return, afternoon, and take a long rest, 10,000 feet above sea-level. At this immense height the South Park stretches fifty miles before me. Mountainous chains and peaks in every variety of perspective, every hue of vista, fringe the view...so the whole Western world is, in a sense, but an expansion of these mountains.
We came back and did an interpretive trail across the highway. 

We went back to camp, had soup, hot chocolate, and a roaring fire where we roasted marshmallows, and went to bed.

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