Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rocky Mountains, Day 13: August 13, 2012

We woke up hoping to go to the top of one of the local summits to have breakfast, but the road traversed private land and a fence blocked our way. Foiled, we went to a scenic viewpoint by the highway instead and had our oatmeal and coffee.

We saw a small rabbit.

Dave was obsessed with the fact that we were in South Park.

We packed up and took a scenic byway through Guanella Pass.

It was a good day to be driving - it was rainy and cold. We passed by a waterfall on the way. There were some male mule deer in someone's driveway. We passed by thinking that it was some cheesy lawn decoration, realized that people don't do cheesy lawn decorations in the mountains and drove back to double check (they were real). The national forests are administered by different folks than the national parks, and the campgrounds seemed occupied by more locals and a little more laid back. We drove through, passed a reservoir and dam, and ended up on a local street in Georgetown. We got on I-70 and drove to Denver, checked into a hotel, took showers, and marveled at how good it felt to be clean and in clean clothes. We then went on our own beer tour based on a package that the hotel gave us.

It felt great walking around - the city was full of fancy pit toilets that flushed and the trail was very flat and marked every few steps! We passed a sad looking dog that was looking for a chance to escape outside.

We went to Rock Botton, Wynkoop, Denver Chophouse and Brewery, Breckenridge, and back to Great Divide. Hands down, our favorite was Great Divide.

At Great Divide, Mabel ended up doing a tasting of the Yetis, although she did feel like the Blueberry Girl afterwards. She really liked the Belgian-style Yeti; Dave like their wheat beer.

Wynkoop was our next favorite; they had this really delicious Cow Town Milk Stout. Dave really liked their ESB. We got back to the hotel room at 6 pm and Dave passed out while Mabel looked up national parks to go to for the next five years. This vacation was drawing to an end - it was another good one!

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