Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocky Mountains Day 4: August 4, 2012

We woke up very sore. We had brunch at the Egg and I, where Dave got corned beef hash that came with hollandaise sauce.

It was just the homey and high-calorie place we needed after two hard days of hiking. We drove to the westernmost side of the park towards the Kuwunechee entrance. We passed the Alpine Visitor Center on the way (elevation 11,796 feet); Mabel usually only gets one stamp per national park, but because their stamp had the elevation on it, she made an exception.

We also saw a very shy moose from the roadside hiding behind the trees.

We did a very short hike around Shadow Mountain Lake. We ate an unsatisfying prepackaged tuna lunch. It was kind of gross, actually. Made a note to never buy tuna with crackers, mayo, and relish again. The highlight of the lake for Dave was seeing this Northern Goshawk sitting atop the security camera for the lake's dam.

We headed back home but stopped at the Colorado River Trailhead. We veered off trail about 0.1 miles in and saw a small and idyllic version of the Colorado River; we vowed to visit the Grand Canyon one day. We stayed by the river for a bit.

Mabel patched our tent (Dave had burned a hole in it with a lantern in Death Valley).

Then we packed and ate pesto pasta, a baguette, and a vidalia onion cooked in the campfire the day before, which was rewarmed in the fire and nicely caramelized.

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