Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocky Mountains Day 7: August 7, 2012

We woke up to a nice, sunny day. Because we were on a rocky ledge, we were able to spread everything out and dry all our gear.

It was really nice. We packed up and hiked back out to trailhead with a short stop at Copeland Falls.

There were hoards of people getting started on hikes. We were still thankful to be alive with all of our limbs intact. We headed to a place called Smokin' Dave's BBQ and Taphouse where we feasted on barbecue and burgers and excellent local Colorado beer.

We noticed that the view from the BBQ place and the illustration of the Rockies on our license plate looked pretty similar:

After lunch, we decided that we had such a good time backcountry camping that we would see if it was possible to do that for a few more days. We visited the backcountry office again at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center. We met a great ranger who advised us on a few hiking gems on the west side. Luckily, there were two sites that were open on consecutive days, so we booked them right there. We headed back to the KOA campground, shopped for food, and had excellent steak and grilled zuchini and tomato. We were excited for the adventure to come.

After Mabel fell asleep, Dave woke up a little later to the sound of the KOA camp "mom" loudly scolding the cabin next to us. Quiet hour was at 10 pm, and apparently the guys were still up outside chatting at around 1:30 am. She was making her rounds, and she told them, "I could hear you guys when you were inside your cabin but now you are outside, this is unacceptable." The guys apparently said, "But we're not bothering anyone, no one has complained." "It doesn't matter, it's the RULES, this is quiet hour, and you are breaking the rules." After a little back and forth, the camp mom apparently won. Hilarious.

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