Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocky Mountains, Day 9: August 9, 2012

We woke up extremely stiff. Our 16 mile day yesterday (and 7 days of straight hiking) really tuckered us out. We had a lazy morning. Some of it involved getting rid of a particularly persistent squirrel who seemed very hungry. Our bear canister was actually a squirrel cannister.

The smell of salami was driving it crazy. We sat at the edge of the meadow. No moose, but it was quite beautiful. We followed a small trail and discovered a creek. We sat on our foam mats and listened to it course by.

We took a plunge in a deeper area and felt refreshed.

We took our time packing up, and then hiked up the 3 miles to the Granite Falls camping site. We were tired. It took us a while. When we got there, Dave was inspired to work on his NICU cover letter.

Then we collapsed for a few hours. Finally, we got up and got water at a secret set of falls higher up than Granite Falls. We cooked another Backpacker’s Pantry dinner (beef stroganoff) and ate by the secret falls and then called it a day.

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