Monday, December 31, 2012

Lacrima di Morro D'alba

Really lovely fragrant nose
It is like drinking perfume in a good way
Smells like violets and roses
Smooth, med body 

One of my favorite wines. This is the 2009 but we just drank a bottle of the 2010 and it's similar. Cost <$20.

Lacrima di morro d'alba
Conti di Buscareto
Eataly Wine Store

War Horse

Last Friday we were trying to figure out what to do in the evening and decided to go for a walk to the little park in Lincoln Center. It was 7:55 when we got there and on a whim we stopped by the theater to see if there were any tickets left for War Horse which Mabel has wanted to see for a while. Turned out that they just released 2 tickets in the 5th row center. We took them. Good show.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Per Se

We scored a reservation to per se by pure luck. We were on the wait list for Saturday and I was calling to change our dinner wait list date to another date. The reservationist waited until I said my piece and then asked if I would like to take a last minute cancellation for Saturday at 10 pm. I took it.

Eating so late is somewhat challenging - the meal was for David's birthday so we wanted to make sure we remembered this meal. So we took naps and I had an espresso in the evening.

We were seated at a large table with just the two of us facing out toward a grand view of Columbus Circle (funny looking at the time because of the exhibit around the Columbus statue). The wine menu was a 117 page document on an iPad. Our food menu was easier to navigate.

They gave us two nice amuse bouches - a tiny pastry filled with warm cheese and an ice-cream-cone-shaped coronets filled with salmon that were gone in two bites. We started with "Oysters and Pearls" which was this heavenly concoction of savory tapioca, oysters, and caviar. La ratte potato "vichyssoise" was memorable for a rather large slice of black winter truffle in the middle. We were floored by the butter poached scottish langoustines, which were soft, buttery, and utterly delicious. The elysian fields farms' "selle d'agneau" was tasty and was followed by a nice cheese plate by andante dairy's "etude". The "spiked tropical punch", a fig leaf-vodka granite with pineapple and tropical punch soda was extremely refreshing, and felt like a sorbet on crack. We drank a Pinot from Anthill Farms "Demuth Vineyard" from Mendocino in the Anderson Valley (2010). The rest of the meal is a blur with memories of exquisite macaroons, fancy chocolates, chocolate covered nuts, and a package of homemade cookies.

It was one of the best meals we had ever had. Perhaps we will be lucky enough one day to visit a second time.

Tuna from Mitsuwa

Back in March of 2012 we got lean and fatty tuna from Mitsuwa

It's a deal but at the same time I developed a new appreciation for toro in restaurants. It is not easy to prepare toro in an appetizing way.

The fish looked beautiful but the fatty tuna was a bit sinewy.

Also picked up wasabi fish eggs and served them on top of rice.

I took another shot at it in April. We went hiking in the Shawgunks in New Paltz.

On the drive back, picked up a different grade of fatty tuna at Mitsuwa. I tried cutting in between the sinew.

  I had a very low yield.

I made chopped tuna from the scraps.

Fatty tuna is best left to the professionals.

595 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 941-9113

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Mabel was working on Thanksgiving and somehow I had the day off. We opted for a goose because it was just the 2 of us and there was no reason to get a turkey.

For some reason this year Mabel was obsessed with the idea of a sweet potato and marshmallow dish. Artichokes just because we like them. Besides, maybe in a few years we'll discover that they had artichokes at the first Thanksgiving like eels in that times article. Also green beans and the customary stuffing and cranberry sauce. Red Burgundy and Volvic to drink.

Sushi Yasaka

One of my neuro-oncology attendings told me about this sushi restaurant. It's basically like Sushi of Gari but half-price (i.e. neighborhood sushi prices with really quality fish and preparation). It has not disappointed.

Saw softshell crab roll being made the last time we were here at the sushi bar. Had to try it. (It's great.)

Also got a marinated salmon and avocado donburi and a sashimi plate. They have the best tempura that I've come across as well. And a good soju selection mainly centered around sweet potatoes.

Sushi Yasaka
251 W 72nd St (btn Broadway and West End Ave)
New York, NY 10023
(212) 496-8466

Dinner 12/27/12

Cooked a few things that we haven't had for a while. This is a UWS version of the Village meals we used to have.

I went to Flatiron for a suit fitting (upcoming interviews) but they were closed for the holidays. I decided to go to the Eatly wine shop to pick up a favorite wine (a lacrima). Once there I ended up splurging on an Amarone:

Begali Amarone 2007. The winemonger said that it was a "non-industrial" Amarone with heart. Not so much of the glycerin-characteristics. Well-balanced. All true. One of the best wines that we've ever drank.

I put together a meal around the wine. Had some bone marrow in the freezer for the past several months. Still good! I like getting the bone cut the long way now. We're also using Murray River pink salt which is perfect for this kind of dish.

The UWS Citarella sells Newport steaks which I thought only Florence Prime Meats was allowed to sell. It's still from the tri-tip. Not as good as Florence but pretty close. We have a new lodge grill pan which makes for nice grill marks.

We finished our meal with Brie d'Nangis and Tomme de Savoie. The brie was good and salty. And I pretty much like any of the Tommes.

Eataly Wine Shop
200 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 229-2560

Friday, December 28, 2012

Roast Chicken with bacon skin

I roasted a chicken using bacon earlier this month.

It is a great way to go. No nervousness about crispy skin because the bacon itself is crispy.

So moon nam jip

This is our favorite place to get Korean BBQ in Palisades Park. They use hardwood charcoal in the grills.

So moon nam jip
238 Broad Ave
Palisades Park, NJ 07650