Saturday, January 19, 2013

Puerto Rico Day 4: 1/7/13

Why did the chicken cross the road?

We went out finishing with Chris and Dave caught a Jack!

Conditions weren’t great so we couldn’t make it out to the flats but it was our first time out saltwater fly fishing so it was still awesome. Mabel practiced her casting and got a quick crash course.

We had lunch at Mamacita’s, which is cool because it is by the water and you can dock your boat and climb inside for a bite.

We drove out to Zoni Beach. It was like a longer more stretched out version of Flamenco Beach, and just as beautiful. Mabel took a nap under a palm tree.

She found a beautiful, perfect sand dollar, which she accidentally broke in half not realizing how delicate it was.

We came back to Flamenco Beach and walked the mile to the other end where there was an old tank melting/rusting into the sea water. It had been graffiti-ed into bright colors and all the metal parts had fused into one another.

We wanted to try out El Caobo for dinner. We wouldn’t have found it except for the hand-tacked signs directing us onto a residential street.

When we walked in it didn’t look promising at all. There was no one manning the front. Finally, a big grumpy-looking old man ambled in, ignoring us to drop off appetizers at the other two tables. He spoke tersely. We ordered chicken with garlic. Dave got tostones and Mabel got rice and beans. The guy disappeared. We wondered if it was a one-man show and if he was cooking in the back, too. When the food came we were pleasantly surprised – the tostones were crispy and probably the best that we had ever tasted. The chicken breast was moist and probably dry-salted beforehand.

The vegetables were al dente. Dave asked the guy, “Are you cooking too?” The guy-“Yep.” Dave- “So you are doing everything yourself?” The guy-“Why not?” Dave had asked everything in Spanish but the guy answered everything in a gruff, grumpy English. Funny place. Delicious food.

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