Saturday, January 19, 2013

Puerto Rico Day 8: 1/11/13

We awoke to a nice morning.

We spent an hour or two drinking coffee pretty much alone on Flamenco Beach. We packed up our stuff, chatted with Max and Esmeralda (our hosts), and took one more look before we drove off. We dropped off our car and checked into our flight (we were the only ones on the list again). We found this makeshift empanada stand in front of a house near the airport.

We got chicken, plaintain and ground beef, and vegetable (yucca?). Really good. They had a table with chairs in the back. We smiled at the lady carrying freshly made empanadas from her house to the stand.

There were chickens scratching along side a bevy of cute chicks. After lunch we headed over to Happy Landings, a fairly sad-looking bar at the end of the runway. We threw back a couple of cold Medallas hoping to see a plane land (no luck).

We ran into Stephanie again. She chided us for not using enough of the Neem tonic juice. Our flight to Ceiba was short – about ten minutes. A random guy had signed up at the last minute so there were three of us. The airport at Ceiba was huge – turns out it was a converted military base. We waited a bit and climbed back into the same puddlejumper with the same pilot. After another ten minute ride we were in Vieques. 

We got a ride from our rental car company, Maritza’s, to their car lot. We saw a wild horse with its foal walking by the side of the road.

Turns out there are tons of wild horses on the island. We got our jeep. There were a couple of dashboard alarms lit up but the guy waved them off. We checked in at the Hix House – pretty cool place. We had a concrete loft apartment with a kitchen, coffee, eggs, coffee grinder, kitchen appliances, outdoor shower, beach chairs and towels.

We were hungry so we ate several slices of nice bread left for us with jam and with fruit. It was a nicely accoutered place.

We went to Sun Bay and hung out until the sun went down. Mabel is wearing that white and blue shirt everywhere because of sun rash.

Dinner was at Duffy’s, solid bar food with a nice selection of beers.

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