Saturday, January 19, 2013

Puerto Rico Day 9: 1/12/13

Mabel got a cover up at the Bee Hive to have something other than the surf shirt to wear. We got pressed sandwiches at La Viequense, a pretty solid bakery in Isabella Segunda.

They were just right.

We stopped by a convenience store and Dave finally found his crema de coco for his pina coladas (the supermarket ran out). We headed to Playa Plata – a beautiful, calm beach very reminiscent of Flamenco Beach but much calmer and smaller. Plata was our favorite beach in Vieques and we kept coming back to it. We set up camp with a beach umbrella we borrowed from Hix House.

The water was incredibly clear. Mabel swam over to a small beach with little impromptu rock formations and found a cool shell on the way.

It threatened to rain in the afternoon so we beat a hasty retreat along with a caravan of jeeps and one poor bicyclist pedaling sadly in the downpour. After showers, we had dinner again at Duffys.

That night we were scheduled to tour a bioluminescent bay – the Bahia Mosquito. The company took us in this really old white van over this horrible road (Dave was convinced we would break an axel, but we got to the bay without incident) to the bay. We got into clear kayaks. As we paddled and at the bottom of the boat were hundreds of iridescent lights activated by motion. A few fish streaked past us in a bolt of light. It was pretty insane. Having clear kayaks was brilliant. Any sort of turbulence in the water activated the lights. We were even able to make the lights run down our arm. Turns out dinoflagellates can produce a light much in the same way fireflies do. The night was clear after the rain and we saw the Milky Way, Orion (clear enough to see his shield!), the Pleiades, and Orion’s dog. We paddled back and made it back safely through the crazy road.

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