Saturday, May 4, 2013

San Francisco 2013

Shelli, Fleurise, and I got together for a weekend in San Francisco. Fleurise picked me up and we had crepes with Shelli, Chris, and Calder at the Higher Grounds Coffee House near Chris' aunt Carolyn's house. The crepes were delicious and we lingered over strong coffee and hot chocolate and caught up on each others' news.

We dropped my bag off at Fleurise's place in downtown San Francisco (giving me a chance to put the green Pio Pio sauce I brought as a hostess gift in the fridge). We strolled through Muir Woods - a magical forest with redwoods north of the city that was idyllic, relaxing, and beautiful. 

This little one does not want to look at the camera.

Next to a large redwood. Still doesn't want to look at the camera.
We then visited Sonoma where we found a comfortable diner with milkshakes, burgers, sandwiches, and coconut shrimp. One of the highlights was seeing Calder eat through most of an adult portioned quesedilla. He could feed himself now and it was a great pleasure watching him because he would eat with such gusto. He really enjoyed the sweet potato fries and would sign "more" and "thank you" for them.

On Saturday Fleurise took me to the Farmer's Market. We saw these darling Peter Rabbit carrots!

 I bought a selection of 3 cheese at the Cowgirl Creamery (a local cheesemonger) and scored two Cowgirl Creamery cheese spreaders! I also got some spicy candied orange peel. We had breakfast/lunch at one of the booths, 4505 Meats, which had these amazing breakfast sandwiches, chimichurri fries, and thirst-quenching lightly sweetened iced earl grey tea. Kesh and Fleurise's friend from fellowship, Sarah and her husband Al joined us. Afterwards, Fleurise, Kesh, and I made an ice-cream run to Bi-rite, where I got their famous salted caramel ice cream. Their flavors were pretty delicious including ginger, strawberry balsamic, and mascarpone.

Fleurise and Kesh had to go to a party so Shelli, Chris, Calder, Aunt Carolyn, and I went to Alcatraz. It was a short and refreshing ferry ride over - Calder immediately found his sea legs and I had crazy hair.

The most striking part was seeing the jail cells, especially the one where an escape attempt was made. We saw two groups of geese - one with adolescent geese (above) and another with baby geese. The baby geese were especially cute - their momma goose had enough clearance with her tail that the trio could hide beneath without really ducking their heads. Back on the mainland, Shelli and I got pedicures with a pair of funny pedicurists. We went to Fleurise's place where we snacked on Cowgirl Creamery cheese and olives, and then capped off the day with a delicious dinner at R&B Lounge where we got steamed salt and pepper crab, oxtail in a clay pot, and the nicest vegetable dish I have ever had in a Chinese restaurant.

On our last day, we decided to get a Philipino breakfast at Goldilocks (where, I guess, everything is just right).

 We picked up Amanda on the way. I got garlic rice with fried eggs, chicken adobo, and this sweet candied meat called tocino. We went to Walter Haas park and ate in the sunshine. It was totally fantastic. We walked around a local street fair. Shelli got a dress and matching shirts for Chris and Calder (with a dinosaur walking across the Golden Gate Bridge). We sadly said goodbye to the Dukes. After a brief stop home, Fleurise, Licel, and I went to the Maritime Museum area and walked around a small beach and to the pier.

On our return, Fleurise's mom, dad, and Momma Ida were there. We had a quick Indonesian meal and then I got whisked to SFO.

Trip highlights:
1. Seeing Shelli and Fleurise and their families
2. Getting fresh air and sunshine
3. My Cowgirl Creamery cheese spreader made it past security
4. I got 4 new stamps in my National Park Passport! (Muir Woods, Golden Gate Recreational Area, Alcatraz, San Francisco National Maritime Park)

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d said...

Lucky! A weekend in San Francisco. Muir Woods really is magical and relaxing.

I also liked the salted caramel and strawberry balsamic at Bi-rite. Next time, I recommend the mexican chocolate and ube at Mitchell's.

I look forward to seeing Dave and you this Saturday!